services cover:

  1. Tax refunds for PAYE employees who are UK or Non-UK Nationals
    About 43% paying taxes in the UK are entitled to a tax refund
    so to find out no. It is very likely if you’ve been working
    in the UK, you may be entitled to tax rebate. Our average
    claims reached over £800 each. Please check out what is yours.
  2. UK Self-assessment tax return
    There is number of factors you would need to file a UK self
    assessment tax return e.g self-employed, landlord with rental
    income, capital gains, investment or foreign income.
    Our prices for self-assessed tax return starts from £60.00.
  3. Construction Workers
    If you’re a construction worker in the UK and are self-employed
    or working as a sub-contractor under the CIS scheme, we can
    organise you claim including business allowable expenses and
    get you tax back to the maximum amount.
  4. Specialist returns
    We also do tax returns for Landlords, Capital Gains, non-residents and many more.

UK facts:

The UK tax year runs from 6th April – 5th April
UK tax return must be filed by 31st October (paper) or by
31st January (online) following year

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